Fire safety is critical in marinas.  Fires typically are the result of 4 causes:  fueling, electrical, cooking, and engine compartment. Today, we will focus on the dangers of fueling fires and how to prevent them.

Fueling vehicles like boats and jet skis can be a great way to get their motors going for a fun-filled day of fishing and skiing. However, the use of improper fueling can result in devastating fires on boats and nearby various marinas. According to a 2015 survey from Boat U.S., approximately 5.0% of boat fires were caused by fueling errors. Even though that percentage doesn’t sound high, the horrors of fueling fires is serious! The main question for boaters and marinas to consider is: What causes fueling fires?  The three (3) causes of fueling fires are:  texting while refueling, overfilling the fuel tank, and creating static electricity via lack of nozzle contact.

What can we do to prevent these types of boat fires? We can focus on these 3 prevention techniques: (1) electronics-free fueling, (2) equal limits on fuel tanks, and (3) reduce static electricity. As long as the marine industry finds strategic ways to fix and prevent future fuel fires, then marinas and boaters will most likely provide a safe environment on the waters.