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Spending time boating, or at a marina is intended to be a fun, safe, and care free experience. Our Safe Marina solutions were carefully selected to minimize risk of injury and loss of property for both Marina owners, and the boating patrons.

Marinas face many damage threats to both the vessels and the docks. The employees and boaters also face many risks to their personal safety.

  • Quickly spreading boat fires.
  • Skin disorders from excessive sun exposure.
  • Hurricane damage from structures not prepared for extreme winds and water.
  • Fall injuries from wet and slippery surfaces.
  • Falls injuries from improperly lighting in areas of the marina.
  • Electrocution from improper use of electrical lines and equipment near the water.

Welcome to our Safe Marina product line

Our Safe Marina Solutions minimize risk of injury and loss of property in marinas.

Fast Attack Portable Marina Firefighting Systems
Best Marine Solutions - Fast Attack

The Portable Fast Attack III is your first line of defense

Self-contained, light weight and foam capable, The Portable Fast Attack III fire fighting system can be quickly deployed by a single trained individual. It can easily be rolled down the dock and start pumping fire fighting water or foam at a flow rate of 100 GPM. At this pressure, the fire fighting stream of water will reach a distance of 80 to 100 feet. This “First Strike” capability can extinguish or contain a fire until local fire and rescue arrive.

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