Cooking fireMarina fires are typically caused by one of these four areas:  fueling, electrical, cooking, and engine compartment. For this blog post we will focus on the dangers of cooking fires and how to prevent them. Having barbeque Saturdays and hot dogs on the grill can be a great way for marina customers to get together with their families. However, the use of improper cooking techniques can result in heartbreaking fires on marina facilities and nearby boats. According to a 2015 survey from Boat U.S., approximately 26.0% of boat fires were caused by cooking mishaps and other off-the-boat incidents. These scenarios are the second most occurring fire hazards in the marine industry behind electrical circumstances (32.0%)! The main question for boaters and marinas to consider is: What causes cooking fires? We can look at the issue by focusing on the main causes: applying a lot of grease and oil, grilling near buildings, and insufficient culinary safety guidelines.

What can we do to prevent these types of boat fires? Boaters and marinas can follow the three procedures of interest: (1) removing grease and oil, (2) providing proper grilling locations, and (3) developing culinary safety standards. First, customers should remove grease and oil buildup on the grill’s property in order to create a healthier and safer cooking experience for future users. Second, grills that are in use should be located at least fifteen feet away from buildings and boats. Finally, restaurants that operate in marina facilities must develop a culinary safety guideline that includes emergency procedures on extinguishers and fire precautions from cooking equipment. As long as the marine industry finds strategic ways to fix and prevent future cooking fires, then marinas and boaters will most likely provide a safe environment on the facility’s property.