Camlock fittings

Customers at marina stores often ask “what do you call that little black curve thingamajig?” Some of them refer to that thingamajig as a black thing with metal ears. A few may refer to the product as the little black cup with metals ears. The product that customers are talking about is called cam lock fittings. These one-of-a-kind items are one of the most innovative concepts in the marine industry. They are called quick-connect fittings because customers can easily snap and lock them on the end of the hose in a very fast fashion.  Users save time and effort by taking the cam locks and the tube apart easily. The marine industry uses cam locks for fire safety purposes such as water hoses and fire hydrants. Cam locks are a must have for customers and boaters alike in terms of saving time and energy.

Why do customers and marina owners call them “cam locks” in the first place? The naming of the product has something to do with the general process. The installation procedure follows easy steps: (1) find a tube or a hose, (2) look for the cam and groove fittings, (3) snap them together, and (4) pull them apart. First, a customer must find a tube or a water hose that would fit with the cam locks. Next, he or she should look for a cam and groove fitting that is free of damages such as dirt and scratches. Then, the customer can snap the cam and groove fitting and the tubular body towards each other so he or she can use the metal ears to “lock” them together. Once the client is done using both the cam and groove fitting and the tube, he or she can easily pull them apart (i.e. ‘quick connect’ fittings).