Marina fire safety is critical.  Four main causes of marina fires are:  fueling, electrical, cooking, and engine compartment. We will be reviewing the dangers of engine compartment fires and how to prevent them.

Keeping engines protected and safely secured can be a great way for boaters and other vehicle users to maintain their traveling experience. However, the lack of engine management and monthly checkups can result in fires on boats and nearby marinas. According to a 2015 survey from Boat U.S., approximately 7.0% of boat fires were caused by engine compartment errors. The main question for boaters and marinas to consider is: What causes engine compartment fires? We can look at the issue by focusing on the main causes: lack of engine/motor maintenance, regulator meltdowns, and minimal battery sufficiency.

What can we do to prevent these types of boat fires? Boaters and marinas can follow the three procedures of safety: (1) frequent motor checks, (2) voltage regulator replacement procedures, and (3) a strong amount of battery coverage necessary. First, boaters and vehicle users should visit a marine store and allow a motor/engine inspection at least once a month to ensure safety. Second, boat users should be able to replace voltage regulators a couple months after usage to prevent fires via heat sources. Finally, boaters at marinas can provide a backup plan to motors and engines by purchasing a strong amount of battery coverage possible. As long as the marine industry finds strategic ways to fix and prevent future engine fires, then marinas and boaters will most likely provide a safe environment on the waters.